Date off? (Read 619 times)

    Hi all, Again, I love the site! I have told you that before, but the more I use it, the more I appreciate it!!! My last several work-outs have been entered a day late. (So I entered my bike ride today and the default date went to tomorrow!) I dont know if I did something funky in my profile or options or if I am the only one having this problem. But it is kind of weird! Thanks!
      You may want to check to make sure that your default time zone is set correctly. (Options --> Locale Settings) Post back here if that doesn't fix it! Smile Janell

      Roads were made for journeys...

        Thanks Janell! abbaroodel, While you're setting your time zone, you should take the opporunity to customize the log to your needs. eric Smile
          Hi, I think setting the date fixed things. - at least when I just entered a run it popped up on the correct date, so that is a good sign. Wink And I have definately customized a bit - added some sports (afterall, mountain biking and road biking is so different that you need two different workout types!), other types of runs, etc.