How to post one run only (Facebook or G+)? (Read 71 times)


    Hi all,

    just started with runningAhead.

    Great tool, but...

    Since I wasn' able to get the FB app running (for whatever reason, probably browser inconsistency - I'm on OS X 10.8, FF), I tried to post only one run.

    How do I do it?

    Is there a possibility to e.g. get a posting like the "Display my last workout" script?


    If that is not possible - what is needed to get the integration in FB running? (Would be able to help with debugging)


      OK. Blind me.

      Finally stumbled upon a good possibility: Go to the Activity graphs and use the "Publish" button for the currently chosen graph.

      A bit hidden, but after all a really nice feature.


      Now it would be nice getting the Facebook app to work...