Amazon running shoe sale (Read 743 times)


    Amazon is having a super running shoe sale - $20 off at checkout. Time to stock up!


      Thanks for the heads up. I have too many pairs of running shoes right now, though.

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        Another consistently good source of running shoes is Holabird Sports (www.holabirdsports.com). They always have good prices and inexpensive shipping, plus a good selection. I priced two pairs of Asics (GT-2120s and Gel Speedstar 2s) on both Amazon and Holabird and even with the $20 discount from Amazon Holabird was $5 cheaper. One strange thing is that their website shows the MSRP but when you add the shoe to your cart you get the discounted price (not sure why it works this way). So the 2120s listed for $95, but when I added them to my cart they were $76.95. The Speedstars listed for $85 but I purchased them for $67.95. Shipping was only $4.95. Happy feet!
          Tired of paying the ridiculous mark-ups Canadian retailers seem to love charging us (and like sheep we pay…) I decided to look south of the border for my running shoe needs. Here’s my experience: I run on Asics Gel Nimbus. A shoe nearer the higher end for Asics and in the neutral cushioning shoe category. I should be clear I managed to get a $40 discount on each pair as they were the close-out model (VIII vs. IX), but retailers here are still selling the old model for the same price – if you can find them. Typically, the MSRP for the newer model of this shoe is around $120, the close-out model was priced at $79.99. The total for 2 pairs was $159.98 (all figures $USD), shipping added $22.95. Total billed to my credit card was $182.93 – which in $CAD translated to $172.41 at the time. I had to pay an additional $24.53 in provincial and federal sales taxes when they were picked up. Customs Canada kindly charged me no Duty, although Canada Post relieved me of $5 as a handling fee (wtf?) - incl. in the $24.53 above. My total costs were $196.94 for the two pair. The same shoes at the Running Room (the predominant running speciaty store in Canada) are $189.99, plus $26.60 in taxes or $216.59/pair. I figured I saved about $118.27 per pair or $236 total. How crazy is that? Also, I placed my order on 11/06 and the post office left the notice on our door that they tried to deliver them on 11/16 – 10 days total. That’s just plain crazy… The online retailer was efootwear.com, and I learned about them on this forum.