New Balance 730s (Read 72 times)

some call me Tim

    I bought these on a whim, and was hesitant to recommend them at first because I thought they might break down on me prematurely, but 100 miles later they show little wear and have seriously become my favorite shoes. Nice and light(7.1oz), can be found super cheap(got mine for $45), built on a Minimus last, low drop and a good compromise between minimal and cushioned (heel 19mm forefoot 13mm), does incredibly well sockless... honestly I just love them. They started as pseudo racing flats, but more and more my Kinvaras sit idly by as the 730s get chosen for yet another training run. YMMV, but as running shoe experiments go, it's a pretty cheap test, especially if you like the New Balance fit in general.


      I got 500 mi out of my 730 v1. The 730v2 has a better outer sole so hoping for more mileage.


        I really like the 730s.  My first pair has about 900 miles on them and the soles are beginning to wear out and will be replaced soon.  One thing is they have no traction in winter on snow and ice.




          Just bought a few of these!