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    So I'm in my first week of running in nearly 10 years. I had a nighttime run 2 nights ago and ran yesterday morning - both a bit under 2 miles. I tried to run this morning (probably against my better judgement as I was quite sore).  Wound up running about  half a mile before I realized it was a bad idea - finished off the mile with a quick walk.


    I'm still fairly sore and figured there might be somebody here with experience with those getting back into shape.  Given how I feel right now, I'm going to guess that I'll be feeling better tomorrow morning than I did today, but will still have a fair amount of overall soreness. Is it always bad to work out when you still have sore muscles?


    I know there's a big distinction between sore muscles and tendons that are hurting. It was what I believe to be a tendon this morning that started hurting that got me to immediately stop.  That was something that was sore yesterday, and when I felt it come back this morning I knew it was my queue.  Thankfully I haven't felt it show up again all day...so I think that's some improvement right there.


    Anyway, I just figured I'd post this and see if anybody had any experience to  share with getting back in the swing of things soreness Smile

      If you haven't been running for awhile - or hiking - I'd add some hiking / walking until your legs get built up. Walk for a recovery day. If you've got some mountain trails, hike them to get your cardio up as well as strengthen legs - but I wouldn't do that on a recovery day. (our local mtns aren't for recovery - at least not for the avg person)  It's not the same as pounding while running, but it gives you a place to start strengthening your legs. You might try run/walking. Others disagree, but I feel if you can only run, say, 15min, at a time, but if you can run  7 min, walk 1min (or whatever) three times or more, then you've gotten 21 min or more of running to strengthen your legs. That works for some, but not others.


      Recovery is generally enhanced by movement - even if you only go out and walk for 20 min.



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        From one arrogant bastard to another, I suggest that what you are feeling is entirely normal, delayed onset muscle soreness, due to running on legs that haven't seen any endurance training.  Try going for a half-hour walk today to aid recovery.  It might be helpful to have the following pattern for the next 1-2 weeks:  run 2 consecutive days, walk one day.  Above all else, run slowly.  3 miles at 11 min/mile is better than 2 miles at 10 min/mile.  If you can run 2 miles without stopping already, you are ahead of the game, but it is very tough to avoid the temptation to do too much too soon.

        Feeling the growl again

          It is a normal part of the process.  The soreness typically peaks the second day after a run.


          Just take your time and ease into it.  Add distance slowly.  As already indicated, DO NOT do nothing on the days you do not run; inactivity only allows the muscles to heal tight.  Go for vigorous walks and do some lights stretching after you are warmed up.

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