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    I think thats its important to know how % of our Heart Rate is the traning. For example: if may Heart Rate max is 190 i can define 3 segments of traning Segment 1 (S1) 75% of my Heart Rate max Segment 2 (S2) 85% of my Heart Rate max Segment 3 (S3) 95% of my Heart Rate max when i put my traning in runningahead is it possible that the aplication automatic put my Segment S1, or S2, os S3 Because i need to know how meny minutes of a week i can train i the diferent segments
      gfr, I need some clarification here. I kind of understand what you want, but I'm not sure where you want this. The application can group your training into these zones, but where do you want this? eric Smile

        Hi eric, let me explain you what i want ... I've got a 191 Heart Rate max --> (220 - age) --Teoric i want to define 3 kinds of training: First Grup G1 --> Heart Rate < 75%="" heart="" rate="" max="" --="" /> < 143="" heart="" rate="" second="" grup="" g2="" --="" /> 75%> Heart Rate < 85%="" heart="" rate="" max="" --="" /> 162 Heart Rate Third Grup G3 -->85%> Heart Rate< 95%="" heart="" rate="" max="" --="" /> 181 Heart Rate When i want to run and i put my data in your web site i only can put my Heart Rate avg, and i want that the software automatically it calculates the type of made training. Exemple: I run 6 km and my Heart Rate avg is 175 bpm i run in 92% of my Heart Rate max --> Grup 3 i run 7 km and my Heart Rate avg is 160 bpm i run in 84% of my Heart Rate max --> Grup 2 I think its interesting to know yor % of your Heart Rate when you are running. Is it possible ? Thanks Roll eyes
          Eric - if you want to do this, I think it would be important to allow people to specify their max HR rather than having it compute automatically at 220-age. LOL! Or I could just change my profile age to 17... Big grin

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            Hi Eric !!! I think a good solution could be: In My Profile, where we introduce our age, weight, ... we could introduce also our HR MAX (teoric HR). On the health section: Could you introduce a new field that automatically calculated depending on the HR avg and HR max defined on the options/my profile? I’ve been thinking and the way could be: HR avg / HR max (user defined in options/my profile)*100 The idea is that just looking the calculated value it could determine the kind of training done. As you said, I’ve defined tree kinds of training: R1 65-75 % HR max R2 75-85 % HR max R3 85-100 % HR max Then, just looking the new value calculate in health section, I could change the field type in run info. Thanks and greetings. Eloy