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    Anyone have a favorite? I haven't really gotten into the whole energy drink kick (I get enough caffeine with my mug of coffee every AM), but I did have one while I was out in LA that I liked the flavor of (especially mixed with a little vodka, heh): Tab Energy It's marketed towards women, but I can't see that guys wouldn't like it, too. It's pink and I recall that it tasted a lot like watermelon Jolly Rancher candies. Very light and not overly syrupy. k

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      Well, normally everyday i drink a monster. I drink it because of the high sugar content and because it tastes great. If you do decide to drink an energy drink, drink it slowly. If you dont your stomach gets really acidic. Also Rockstar is a good one because it tastes like smarties Smile, Another is red bull and Bawls. I suggest monster but thats just me, if you only have $1.50 theirs a wawa brand energy drink. Anyway Monster is my all-time favorite. Big grin, Also, they should make a Tab for guys or something like that, that be nice cuz then all guys wouldnt feel left out. If they dont ill still drink Tab, its ok, i have it once and a while.

        I liked Whoop Ass, if for no other reason than it allowed me to say "i'm gonna open a can o' whoop ass!".... Big grin