Network outage - RA may become unreachable (Read 700 times)

    I've been informed that some users cannot get to RA, which is different from RA is not available.  The problem is caused by GoDaddy, which serves RA's DNS records.  GoDaddy is completely down at the moment.  I can't get to their main website, and their tech support phone line is busy from everyone calling in.


    If GoDaddy does not fix the problem in the next couple of hours, RA will be unreachable as servers across the internet "forgets" RA's address.  If you want to access your training log during this time, you can still get to RA directly using its IP address:


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      Just saw this: http://news.yahoo.com/godaddy-outage-takes-small-business-sites-195122316--finance.html

      Big outage!

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        Thanks eric!

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