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    you guys are making me feel bad.  Clearly I'm not the most healthy person here.  I don't eat anything, I grab some water and head out the door, regardless of the distance.  If I have a race or something and want to avoid being hungry, I'll eat a peanut butter sandwich.  I think I'd rather the extra two minutes of shut-eye.  I'll likely eat a peanut butter sandwich afterwards, if I hadn't eaten earlier.  Usually with a coke or diet coke...mmm coke.   


    AG, you can run/stagger with me and the No Breakfast crowd.  We'll get plenty of food later in the day, right?

    Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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      If it's just a normal weekday run, I just drink water and hit the road. Then I'll have iced coffee & a small-ish breakfast. I like smoothies in the morning or a bowl of oatmeal w fruit.


      If it's a long run (for me), I'll eat a banana or a banana w peanut butter. Then I'll fuel during the run.

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        I wish I had an hour in the mornings before my runs that would solve everything Smile. Something tells me getting up earlier doesn't work when you stay up all hours of the night studying. 



        Soooo I feel I should mention that the only times I've managed to get up a for a morning run it didn't actually involve getting up...it was after an all-nighter (or a nap from 8-11pm and up for the rest of the morning-er).  So I don't know how normal people get up an extra hour before running either!  Meaning i guess my breakfast advice was invalid since my metabolism is already going, in whatever sad way...eating healthy but not sleeping healthy!

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