1 year and now an injury.... (Read 502 times)

    Well, I am happy to say that I have returned to running from a long HS hiatus and I have been doing so for a year now! I thought that things were going so well - I successfully trained over the winter for a 10-miler last month, which was FANTASTIC. After the race, I took a few days off and then began to build back up to pre-race mileage. Last week on my long run, I started getting pains in my left knee - off to the side and some behind the kneecap. So painful I had to stop running. The pain disappeard when I started walking. I have also had some similar pains in my right knee, but certainly not as bad as the left. I have tried a few more easy runs, but the pain comes back around 4-4.5 miles. Seems like ITBS... (I know, not another ITBS thread). Just when I thought I knew what I was doing and was in a good routine... Anyhow, I'm planning on taking some rest to allow it to heal. I am just really questioning what has changed. I have been keeping up with stretching, not trying to bump my miles up too quickly, etc. Any thoughts here? Is it possible that, since I have been running faster, my gait has changed and I need to consider different shoes, more/less stability, etc? I'll go talk to the guys at the running shop about this too, but wanted to get your opinions. I have been reading up on ITBS, so I have some idea of how to handle it, but suggestions are always welcome. Thanks!

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      How many miles are on your shoes?
        Well, I rotate two paris of shoes. I just retired one pair of Brooks Adrenaline 6 (I pronate) after about 300 miles, so over the past two weeks, I have been running with a new pair and a pair with 150 miles.