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    Did somebody say monkeys?

      Sorry, but nothing bugs me more than wanting to use a machine, but someone who is currently doing something else, has put a towel on the machine and is working in a set on something else. And most times, it is a trainer who works at the gym. So I would say, if you are not currently actually using the machine, it is fair game.
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          Did somebody say monkeys?
          they always remind me of Jimmy Durante...

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            I do the same thing to people. Look here's the deal- DON'T TIE UP TWO MACHINE'S. Really if you want to do circuit training do it at home. My biggest pet peeve at the gym are the guys who tie up 3 and 4 machine's at a time. It's bad enough you have to wait for someone to get off one machine but waiting for someone to finish 3 or 4 exercises is terrible. When he seen you on the floor he probably assumed you were done with the pull up bar. I mean it's rather ignorant to be doing ab work and just expect everyone to leave the pull up bar open for when you're done. No reason he had to react the way he did when you asked to work in but why would you expect him to have to ask you? When you were in the middle of your set of abs you actually expected him to come over and ask if he can work in on a machine you weren't even using?
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              This is crazy Monkeys, Turtles and Crabs oh my. What the he!! happened to some love for Bearcats? Cute little friendly animals that won't attack you during a run or poop on you when they fly by. They won't get in your way because they are too slow or pinich you as you run by. Ugh this forum just drives me insane. FYI - I saw a guy at in my running group in Cincinnati with a flying monkey shirt on. Kind of scary. If I ever do the flying monkey I am going to avoid those flying monkeys at all cost. They look mean. A flying monkey or a Bearcat?
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              12 Monkeys

                A Cinci runner with a Flying Monkey shirt? Poor fella. Do you know who it was? What color was the shirt? Great Turbo Flying Monkey pic, BTW.
                  I probably would not have know you wanted to get back on and done something similar to the jerk. Also, not sure I would know what the term "work-in" meant, maybe he took it in some different way.........and snickered because he didn't know what you were asking.

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                    Aahhh, the pure and simple joys of a home gym. Tongue
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