Advice on Procrastinated Training? (Read 240 times)

    I'm signed up to do the Tower of Terror 10 Mile race in October, and I kind of didn't start training until this morning. Last year I trained for months, but a lot of changes in my life have made me forget to make running a priority. Now I have 8 weeks to run 10 miles. Any advice on how to not over-do it but still get some good training in?


    This morning I ran 3 miles in 00:44:39, running for .25 intervals. My lungs forgot what it feels like to breathe while running so I have to fix that. Otherwise I feel great.


      Hal Higdons half marathon novice 1 takes you to 8 miles in the first 8 weeks of the program. Its free, just google. You do need a basic level of fitness to start and I don't know where you are in that respect. If all else fails, you can defer your entry to next year.

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      Well, there's always next year.

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        There are no shortcuts.  Just start a plan that is appropriate for your current fitness, and see where you can get in the time allotted.  If that is not enough, skip the race and plan further ahead next time.

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          There are no shortcuts.


          +1    Have realistic expectations.....or postpone.

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            Schedule your runs and put them on your calendar. I try to think of them as a meeting for work that I just wouldn't miss. I also run in the morning before work.


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                What is your goal for this event?  Just finish?  Run a certain time?  Are you willing to use a run/walk strategy to complete the event?


                Looking at the training you completed - you completed 3 miles in just under 15 minutes per mile.  If you train 3 to 4 times a week (running every other day) and doing a progressively longer run on one of those days, you probably could complete the 10 miles.  Though I expect you will need to use a run/walk strategy and will be at a 14 minute to 15 minute per mile pace.

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                    This is the Tower of Terror race?  No problem, zombies will be chasing you....you will find the hidden training within. 


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