Tomorrow's 5K race forecast is: (Read 427 times)


    Yeah I'm really sure.


    If your core is warm your hands will be warm, and if your core is cold your hands will be cold--pretty much period. Gloves (when running) are just to provide some superficial protection for your skin.


    Gloves are like ski poles--they are the one piece of equipment you should spend like zero  money on. You'll get the exact same performance out of a pair of free cotton gloves as you will pair of super high tech maxi pissah ones from some triathlete catalog.


    I agree with this assessment. I have a pair of nice gloves and hardly ever wear them because my hands get hot; I prefer the cotton gloves I bought at the gas station.

    A Saucy Wench

      Gloves?  In 48-50?


      Yikes, I wouldnt race in gloves until it got below zero, although I would probably wear them for the warmup, but my hands run hot. Even on a slow recovery run gloves rarely stay on past a mile unless it is below 15 degrees.


      Even in rain that's tshirt and shorts weather for a 5K for me.  Probably a throwaway or garbage bag for the starting line.

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