I reached goal!!! (Read 924 times)


    congratutation, As a fellow weight watcher, lifetime now for over a year, I know how great it is. Keep it up, nothing feels better, than feeling fit.
      That's awesome --- congrats! Smile
      2009: BQ?
        That's what it's all about. Before and after pictures may motivate others that are trying for the same results. Oh, and you look good!
        Will be weightlifting and running to get into the best shape I can before turning 40. Here are my progress pictures: http://tinyurl.com/584qwt

        Me and my RP

          Congrats! Great job on losing all that weight! I recently lost over 100 lbs myself and am working on getting the last 4 or 5 lbs off. It is very frustrating, I agree. People say 'oh you look great! don't worry about those last few pounds'. Sadly, my brain doesn't work like that. Roll eyes Again, well done!! What an amazing accomplishment! Perhaps you could up those cals a bit to see how you feel. I know you don't want to see the scale go up. I had to do the same thing and when I saw that scale sneak back into the 130s, I nearly flipped. But the increased running will balance it back out. I'm safely back into the 120s and have a great deal more energy when I run.
            I have been reading your posts and am totally impressed with your progress. Its fabulous how you improved your times with weight loss and training. Reading about it is inspiring to me to get those calories down (10 lbs to go in my case) and get those tempo runs in every week. Thanks A