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    I'm newcomer in this forum: I'm just started running on the beach and I'm really enjoying it. But sand is not firm everywhere and wondering if it is still ok... Anyone would like to share similar experience? Many thanks:-)

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      Personally, I can't fathom running on sand...running on snow is a study in hamstring pulls for me, and sand has the same poor push-off / toe-off traction.Uggh.


      I'd imagine running on the hard, compacted sand between the high & low tide lines would be the best.  But what about the constant camber to one side, how well are you dealing with that?

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        It depends on the beach as they differ alot but sand between tides can be firm and flat. Soft sand is horrible to run on.

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          I've done a fair amount of beach running and I agree that it really varies from location to location.  Amelia Island, Florida was pretty good-  a wide stretch of very hard sand at low tide.   Panhandle of Florida a couple of weeks ago-  fortunately, I was warned in advance that beach running doesn't work there.  You go from water to soft sand almost immediately with a big slant due to beach erosion.  Gorgeous beaches and water- but not for running.  Texas South Padre Island had wide hard sand areas but wind that stood you up from one direction every single day.

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            It can be beneficial allowing your ankles to push through a higher range of motion and sand absorbs a lot of the shock as well.  But the slant can be tough on the body but it depends.


              Many thanks for your feed-back! I appreciated:-) Enjoy your day!