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    I am looking for a magazine subscription, the only ones I know of are Running Times and Runners World, does anyone have preference to either? And would you recommend any other titles?

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      I like Outside magazine.  It's not just running, but they do cover a lot that has to do with running, especially trail running.

        I had subscriptions to both Runners World and Running Times. I liked RT better. Also had Outdoors and enjoyed reading it a lot.


        I let all my subscriptions run out. 


          Having read both RT and RW for years, I have to say that I wound up letting my RT sub lapse first.  It has really good stuff, but not a lot of really good stuff for the price.... more importantly, both mags repeat repeat repeat.  Because, well, it's just running.


          Anyway, I like Ultrarunning magazine.


            I get RT with my American Trail Runner's Association membership and pay extra for Trail Runner as part of that. RT has some articles of interest (usually one a month, occasionally more), but Trail runner and Ultrarunning are my two main mags. UR has a lot of race results, which may or may not be of interest, but they've been having some better articles and columns in the last few years. I've never gotten RW, and no desire to based on what I  see in the magazine section in store.

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              I definitely prefer Running Times, though that and Runner's World are the only ones I read.  Running Times is geared a little more towards a competitive runner, though I think runners of all levels can benefit from the information.  I think it just assumes its audience has competition-related goals, whatever they may be, while Runner's World is also geared towards people who may not have those type of goals.  There are usually at least a couple articles I get real value out of every issue.  In contrast, I can read a whole issue of Runner's World (or several) and just feel like I haven't learned anything new.  

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                Marathon and Beyond is a bit expensive. They don't do shoe reviews or stuff like that. There is typically just one article that I like in each magazine. It has a lot of stories that I don't care about, though. But they have more depth in their research/science based articles than RW or RT.