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    grr! this has not been a smooth start to my foray into running.... last week, i had some pretty big time cramping in my calves (esp. on the inside of the left leg), which made me decided to lay off the tread for the weekend, to rest up. Part of that was my own stupidity- i wasn't stretching beforehand (didn't feel like i was doing anything strenuous/"stretch worthy", so i didn't think it necessary...*slaps dumbass sign on self*)....I was just eager to finally go go go! Now the pain is subsiding- it's still there, but more of a slight nagging sensation. Now the new pain is in my knee...(still on the inside of the left leg) It feels like it is in the bone underneath the kneecap, like someone has thumped it pretty good or something (*looks around to see if Tanya Harding has been camping out near the house*). Wasn't able to do the couch to 5k jazz today, though i did walk for 45 minutes (3.7mph)... arrgh. i hate these little aches/pains that are popping up. Is this pretty common or am i just the odd duck? did anyone else have a rough start into running?

    Princess Cancer Pants

      Ugh, when I first started running my knees ALWAYS hurt and felt weak. I'd crouch or kneel to tie Dane's shoes and often I practically had to crawl to a wall to get back up to a standing position. But, I promise, things do get better. Your body just has to get accustomed to the workload. Now my knees really don't bother me at all. In fact, this is the first Winter that hasn't left me with knee pains affected by cold fronts. One question, what kind of shoes are you in? Are you running in true running shoes? If not...maybe we need to make a little trip to Gazelle Sports to get you fitted in the right shoe for you... Wink k

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      CPT Curmudgeon

        I STILL get 'em. It's a matter of adjusting to something "new". The real issue is when dull aches turn sharp and stabby.