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    Eric, How about this one -- subscribe to a forum topic / post? You could do it a couple of ways: 1) by email i.e. whenever some adds a reply to a subscribed post, you get an email saying that the thread has been updated. 2) Via RSS feed. I suppose you could even apply this to subscribing to the big general forum topics as well as individual posts. That would be a little unwieldy w/ email, but probably manageable as an RSS feed. For example, think how easy it would be for you to check on all of our little suggestions if you had as RSS feed for "Suggestions and Feature Requests." Wink Thanks and keep up the good work Smile

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      This has been requested before. You're right that there are different approaches to this feature. Although emails and RSS are nice, I'm not keen on them because they require extra resources from the server (i.e. it generates extra traffic) which drives up the cost of operating the site. I was thinking about just adding a page that lists the new topics that you subscribed to, which would serve the same purpose. As to tracking suggestions, I have a system in place to do that that offers extra features that I won't get from just a forum. Big grin eric Smile
        Yeah, I think something as simple as having a checkbox at the bottom of each topic to subscribe (or uncheck to unsubscribe), then a link to "My Subscribed Topics" would be hugely beneficial to users.
          Have you considered just using an off-the-shelf BB system like phpBB or vBulletin? Seems like you could get a larger feature set that way without having to do all the work yourself (other than setting it up of course).


            I also request this feature. Without it, the forum loses a lot of functionality.

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              I subscribe to them all. Wink

                Eric, I'd love RSS, but understand your dilemma.  Here's a small modification I'd like to see:  expand the "Recent Topics" sidebar on the forums page to include group forum topics.
                  Another solution is to allow users to set personal sticky to threads they enjoy.  The thread will be on the top of each subforum like an administrator set sticky but it will say My Sticky:  blahblahblah.  Less coding involved with that.