Carb Depletion/Carb Loading before first marathon (Read 1459 times)

    PS - I also avoid most high fiber food the last 36 hours.


    This is crucial. I shit you not. 


      Thanks so much Dopple Bock, your list was really helpful. A good friend of mine and someone that I have talked to a lot since I have started training for my marathon is really big into carb depleting before his marathons. He has really encouraged me to do try it, but I just wanted other opinions. After all of the discussion here, I am pretty sure that is probably isn't the way for me to go, your third option looks the best for me. I am on a gluten free diet, so loading up at the pasta bar the night before probably won't be happening Smile  I really appreciate everyone's thoughts! I am shocked though at how many gels you take during your race...you really take four to seven??? I have done one twenty mile run and am planning a twenty two mile run this weekend but I only used one gel during that long run. I'm going to have to look back in my notes to see how I felt afterwards, I am typically starving after I run and eat continually the rest of the day, maybe I just need to take in more gels while I run?!?

        4)  Austrailian method - Do the "Just Carbo Load" but add this workout the mornig before race.  Do an Easy 30 minute run.  Add 3 minutes at a bit faster than LAT pace in the last 5 minutes - A short recovery and then 30 seconds at 1 mile pace.  immediately consume 800-1000 calories of carbs (Within 10 minutes) in the next 2 hours get another 600-800 - Hydrate well.  This gives 200+%


        I have used all successfully and have never hit the wall in 26 attempts.  If I am hell bent on a PR - I would likely use #4.  I do not think i would ever use #1 again.  It creates so much stress and its hard for your muscles to recover in your taper.


        FYI this is what I have done for the past 30+ marathons, except the numbers are a bit different (2:30 at mile pace, then :30 sprint), and I don't do the "just carbo load" part; I do all the loading the day before the marathon. More details on the Western Australia method here. I've never hit the wall in a marathon. However, I have sometimes toed the line a bit bloated; lately I don't take in quite so many calories the last day. I also don't take gels, but I take Gatorade or whatever is on the course at every opportunity.