The average runner's genetic potential? (Read 273 times)


    I could have been a contender!!


    Running is stupid

    The Irreverent Reverand


      VERY well said!   Bravo, spaniel!


      Yes, at this point in my life, I'm limited by how hard I want to work at my recreational activity.




      I'm guessing that with hard work lots of people could BQ, theoretically, or hit 3:00, or whatever metric is deemed as really good. But there's life, work, family, friends, etc, and that is all part of reality. Part of what makes amazing runners amazing is their work ethic and ability to dedicate so much of their lives to their running (time, energy, money, etc). Most of us don't have that drive nor that opportunity. I certainly don't .... and I'm fine with that.

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      an amazing likeness


        I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)