My best week of running ever (Read 903 times)


    First, on Tuesday I got my first ever top ten finish in a varsity race when I finished 6th with a PR of 18:30. I followed that up yesterday by finishing 12th at an invitational with a time of 17:29! And to top it all off, today I ran my first 15 miler and I did it at just under 7 minutes per mile! Great week for me.

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      Sounds like an awesome week! Hope you have many more just like it. Big grin

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        Congratulations! Wow, you dropped a minute off your PR! Keep up the good work.
          Wow! Shocked I know I'm slow and all but that's like blazingly fast! Congrats!

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            Quality week! keep it up.
              My shins hurt just looking at your graph.
                congratulations, looks like you have really put the work in.