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    hello - I thanks for this site - it's great. I'm having a problem entering an Interval workout - I am working in Safari 1.3.2 on a Mac operating system OS X (10.3.9). After entering the last interval, it keeps popping up another cell and not allowing me to "end" the workout. When I hit "add" it gives me an error and tells me to name the interval or choose another interval type. Help? thanks, Suzanne
      Suzanne, If I understand you correctly, the "popping up another cell" is normal. It allows you to add multiple intervals. Without this new row of cells, you can only add 1 interval, which isn't all that helpful. As for the error, the intervals need to have a name. For example, "10 x 400m" or "mile splits" for races. You can type directly into the name field, which is located at the top of the intervals form. Let me know if you still have trouble entering data. eric Smile
        Eric in safari the box to enter the interval name show up as a grey line and wont accept data
          So, my problem isn't the next cell popping up, its that I'm unable to enter a name for the interval workout. The area is unedittable for me. maybe a Safari problem as ttmalek suggests?
            Hrm... another Safari problem. For some reason, Safari is not playing nice with this site, or it can be the other way around. Since I don't have a Mac, I can't look into the problem. I think most Mac users use Firefox to view this site and they have no such problems. Sorry about that. eric Smile
              I have Netscape loaded as well and just successfully loaded my interval workouts there. So, I guess that's my solution.... thanks.