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    Eric, Apologies if this has already been asked and answered (I did a quick search.) But is it possible to have all of the run types be user definable? Currently Easy, Hill, Interval, Long, Tempo, Race and Fartlek are predefined and not editable. Then there are six user definable fields. I would like to redefine some of the fixed ones, if possible. I suppose I could just use some of the already user-definable fields from here forward but, for example, it would be nice to rename "Easy" to something more accurate like "Just Mileage" and have it retroactively change all my Easy runs. Not a big deal...but it would be a "nice to have." Thanks, Mike

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      I have wondered the same thing. Mikey is smart. He asked. I was considering downloading my log, changing the names myself and then asking you to reimport my log. His way is better. Smile
        Hi Mike and Trent, I will look into eliminating most of these labels after I'm done with GPS upload. The only thing I can't change is the Race label, since the software needs that to generate PRs. eric Smile oh, and I'll look into allowing unlimited workout types too.