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    Hello everyone,


    I've recently started running (past two months) after years of either being bogged down with life and getting over some injuries. A few things I wanted to run past you guys so I can take this into more than just phase. I really enjoy it, but want to be smart about it.

    1. I have very tight hips and legs that a few injuries and sitting behind a desk for a while have made even worse. I've gone through some stretching routines and have supination on my right foot. I used to wear orthotics for years, but that seemed to make my foot issue a little worse. I'm now able to run without them. I guess my question is are there any foot/ankle/leg stretches you can recommend? I also have a slight case of plantar fasciitis in my foot that I end up  massaging out. 
    2. I recently bought and was fitted for new running shoes which have been a lifesaver. This has eliminated the shin splints that I used to get after only lap around the track. With this being said, the past six weeks I've been able to go from .25 miles to 2.5 miles. I feel fine running now, but I do have some knee tightness under my knee (not under the kneecap, just below the knee). Any recommendations on stretching or eliminating this pain so I can run sooner? Could this be shin related? 
    3. I'm trying not to over due it, but I get excited about this and want to run more. Any ideas on a decent schedule? I do live on a somewhat hilly area and there are some hills that I can run through. I'm thinking I might try to avoid some of the after the knee tightness started. This was right after I ran a little too fast up a hill. 
    4. Depending on the day I might be able to get a run in the morning, afternoon or early evening. What should I be doing before and after a run to help with getting enough energy and recovery?

    Thanks guys! Look forward to your answers.


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      My favourite stretch in the world is a yoga pose call pigeon pose. Where the muscles are tight is not always where the problem is. It's all a kinetic chain.


      pigeon pose


      It's hard to advise you on how to run more. How many days a week do you run? How many miles per day or per week? If you are using your log at RA to keep track of your runs, make it public. Being able to see your runs will help people give you good feedback. Smile

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        CandianMeg - Thank you for your response. I'm going to start on that pose today and start feeling where other muscles might have to be worked on. I'm just starting this up again and only doing at max 6 miles a week. I'm trying not to go from zero to hero and injure myself in the process Wink


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          The most important thing you should do is to run easy.  You should be able to talk to an imaginary running friend in complete sentences (though perhaps short ones).  If you're huffing and puffing, SLOW DOWN.  If you're feeling sore, SLOW DOWN.


          The second most important thing you should do is to think in terms of weekly running volume, and not increase it too fast.  The method I like is the Daniels approach where you can add up to one mile for every day per week you run - so if you run 3x/week, you can add three miles wherever you like - but then hold that for three weeks before increasing again.  The idea is that you are allowing your body to adjust to the new mileage before increasing it again.  However, you should be running at least three days a week.


          If you do stretching, do it after you run, or completely separate from your running.  (Like, run in the morning and stretch in the evening.)


          Also, SLOW DOWN. 

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            Pre-run warm-up. Dynamic stretching, hip rotations (open and stretch), high knees, butt kicks. Check out some form running videos/drills to work on proper form and try some of them. If you're taking off days, you may want to use one of them to work on form drills. Not so much running steady, but trying to run correctly for short distances, and then work on another drill. Maybe ask a friend to video you? Or run behind/alongside you and see what they think.


            Have fun.

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              Thanks, guys! This is really, really helpful.


                Warm-ups are pretty individual - some like to do dynamic stretches, some like to just start their run gently and gradually build up, some don't bother at all.  See what works for you!


                Similarly with your post-run routine - I like to foam roll all the key leg muscles and then do some static stretches.  Some people think static stretches are a bit useless, but I've found my recovery far better when I include them after a workout.


                If you've done a longer or harder run, try and get some quality carbs in fairly soon after your run.


                And like Ilanarama said, a good test of your pacing is 'can you talk to an imaginary running friend'!

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