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    Having been talked into changing my running style i bought a pair of merrell barefoot shoes to start it all off. I was told to run more on my toes than my heel first and over the past couple of weeks i have been trying to run more on my toes. The problem i am finding is that i am so inconsistent with how my feet hit the floor that i cant get into a rhythm. Sometimes i am more on my toes, sometimes I am on the ball of my foot and sometimes i am too tired and revert back to heel first.


    I am really not sure which part of your foot should impact first. If anyone knows of any good drills that i can do, or videos i can watch to see it in action that would really help.



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      Don't just one day change your technique - it will fail.  You can consciously or unconsciously make very slight adjustments, but it needs to be a process that leads to improvements over several months' time.  Even thinking about changing your technique or form as you run will probably mess you up; I would suggest just thinking about being relaxed, quick, light, and efficient as you run.

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        Don't just one day change your technique - it will fail.  You can consciously or unconsciously make very slight adjustments, but it needs to be a process that leads to improvements over several months' time.  


        I realized my form and foot placement (especially on my right side) needs a lot of work.    What I have been doing over the past couple of months is focusing on hitting more flat footed and focusing on running 'more lightly'.    ALSO, there are a lot of good videos in uTube on proper running form and what it really is....  But as LED mentioned, its not something you just decide to do....ifs something you work on gradually over an extended period of time....dont change things too quickly and don't change too much at a time....   Be cautious with 'barefoot' shoes..wear them a little but work into them.   I bought a pair of NB Minimus and started running in them only one mile (every few days) and then change to my normal trainers at first...


        We could all probably use work on our form but its a great way to 'screw the pooch' too....so be careful....

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          As was pointed out in an earlier thread, Strides and drills along with some faster running while relaxed, and your body will find the most efficient technique for you over time.

            To me, changing what part of your foot strikes is (a) really hard to do, (b) perhaps a wild goose chase, and (c) closely related to cadence (stride rate).  If you're going to keep at it, I've seen the best bang for the buck thinking about "quick feet" (and NOT landing on my toes or something) while running up or down hills.  And beware you don't "chug" uphill, either -- use a quick, crisp cadence.

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              First off, you're not running barefoot, you're running without shoes.


              And the only people who will tell you to run with a mid or forefoot landing not only have nothing more than a barstool education in teaching running, but can't find one clinical study to back up such pathetic assertions.







              And anyone who tells you otherwise is a complete idiot not to mention sayings that a mid or forefoot landing is "proper" is full of shit...


              Biology is real simple; that cultures who do not wear shoes don't walk like you do, run like you do, or carry weight like you do. And they don't listen to internet idiots who aren't smart enough to know the difference.


              And with athletes faster than Usain Bolt being documented heel strike runners, I suggest you not worry yourself and let your body run as it so chooses to do so.

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              Name me one of those "experts"...


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                Take it from me, if you try to hard to change your form you can end up injured.  I was off for weeks with a strained soleus from trying to run more on my forefoot instead of just landing the way I do.  Now I just land the way that seems natural...I enjoy running more and that's really what it's about.  Shoe manufacturers want you to believe that by buying their latest shoes you will be able to run like a Kenyan.  It doesn't work that way.