Possible data corruption on 2008 data (Read 721 times)


    I was reviewing some old training logs and noticed that in 2008 from May 3 - Nov. 13, there are a number of my log entries which have a double entry on a given day, both with same distance/time info. One entry will have the notes I entered and the type of run along with the distance and time info. The other entry appears as though it has the Garmin 305 gps data, however it looks like the actual track log route data has been lost on many, but not all entries.


    On a few days there are multiple log entries piled up on one day (i.e. May 3, 2008). In a few other cases I noticed two different run entries on the same day, but with different data, so not a duplicate. Since I've never run twice in one day, I know these must be wrong as well.


    I do use the Garm305 to import most of my runs and it appears that the issue is some how related to these entries. I don't see any issues with the winter treadmill entries done manually.


    I don't want you to waste your time correcting these double-entries. I only wanted to make you aware in case there is a larger issue going on.


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      There is no data corruption.


      I did some investigation and here's what I found.  The duplicate entries are from May 3, 2008 to Nov 10, 2008.  I introduced Garmin Communicator support on Feb 25, 2009.  You've been an RA user since 2007, which means you entered the workouts prior to Feb 25 manually. I looked at the timestamps of some of these imported files and they are all uploaded on Feb 26, 2009.  


      The most likely scenario is that the duplicate entries are just that.  You uploaded the GPS data when GPS import became available.  Since you have been logging your runs, the GPS workouts became duplicates.  Furthermore, since all imported data within this period are uploaded at the same time, it means the data were stored in your GPS.  As you may know, the Forerunner drops workout details to make room for new data.  With months of data stored on your GPS, only summary data is kept for these workouts, which is why you don't have map information for these workouts.


      As for the 3 imported workouts on May 3, 2008, I'm guessing that's when you first used your Forerunner and you were experimenting with it.  The 9:07 AM entry has 2 miles but at a pace of 1:48 per mile.  You were probably trying out the GPS in your car.  10:16 AM entry has 3 seconds followed by another entry at 10:20 AM.  It suggests that you started the watch but stopped it immediately to adjust some settings before driving off again since the 10:20 AM entry has a pace of 1:48 per mile.  Your real workout was at 11:53 AM, which you logged manually.


      You should take the time to delete these duplicates because they're throwing of your 2008 total mileage.


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