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    We could get R2H to do it. Eetz zee rain in Sacramento. Merde.

    m: 2:55:04 | 10k: 37:14 | 50mile: 9:35


      I wish he'd make zuh leeeep.



        I wanted to complain on RWOL, but I got bored looking at the "working....." screen.

        m: 2:55:04 | 10k: 37:14 | 50mile: 9:35

        F*in Noob

          Hi Everyone, I couldn't handle the SPAM at RWOL anymore so I followed everyone here. I was pretty new at RWOL so I will introduce myself again;


          37 yo Male, 20-25 mpw, completed first HM on October 21st and can't stop registering for more...Pittsburgh 2013 :-)


          Better I Leave

            We could get R2H to do it. Eetz zee rain in Sacramento. Merde.

             It's gonna be a soggy CIM this year.

            jaydens dad

              Just signed up. Over from RW. Now where do I go to watch sports online for free?  Big grin


                First you need to show your fake passport before we give you access to online streamed events.





                  New member here, just signed in.


                    Well, I am not exactly new here, as I setup a Big Sur group many moons ago, but it got very, very quiet so I stopped really being active with it.

                    I too am extremely disappointed with RWOL, and as many may have seen volunteered to help fix the situation.  However after reading the posts here and what they did with the running log, forcing people to upgrade and pay $$$ to get something that is almost decent, I  will probably renig on the offer.  I get the interest in making money, I own my own business, but I would never purposely put up a piece of junk software, and then force/expect people to get fed up and pay $$$ for an upgrade.  it will be interesting to see what happens, if they contact me.

                    The request for $$$ here is on a totally different plane, in fact I donated few extra pennies on general principles just because I know what it takes to run a Forum. 

                    The price of admission is not that great versus the benefit, so I would hope many people would help with the financial situation here

                    27 Big Surs working on number 28


                      I've been on RWOL for 5ish years but don't post all that often.  I'm liking this site, though- thanks to whoever set up the user group!  My running hasn't been great lately so I'm hoping being more active here will help to turn it around.  


                        Here's hoping you can teach an old dog new tricks...


                        Pace Prophet

                          Okay, I give.  I'm here.  Now what?

                          PRs: 10 1:12:59 (4/2014) 13.1 1:35:55 (10/2013) 26.2 3:23:31 (12/2013)

                          bloggy stuff at

                            Yay, Ilana! Join some user groups! Smile


                              Okay, I give.  I'm here.  Now what?

                               Have you filled out the questionnaire?


                              How did you get into running?

                              what are your goals?

                              Running skirts, yea or nay?

                              run with music?

                              Ever pooped on a run?

                              Vegan or ovo-pescatarian?

                              trails or ultras?

                              mornings or evenings?


                              Running is stupid

                              Canadian princess

                                Okay, I give.  I'm here.  Now what?

                                 I was thinking about you and how you would love peeking at running logs when giving pace advice.