Morning run nutrition (Read 273 times)

    You don't need anything for a 1-1.5 hour run.


    Well, I always need coffee when I get out of bed, but that's got nothing to do with fuelling a run.




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      I'm with those who don't eat before running unless it's a fairly long run, which to me is somewhere in the 13-15 mile range.  If I have a decent dinner the night before, I'm generally fine for 2 hours-ish of running the next AM.  I do like to have a cup of coffee, as mentioned, for purposes of "lightening the load", shall we say....

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        I don't eat and drink anything in the morning before running. I rarely did it in the past and I remember a strange feeling of heaviness that made me awkward. Back at home, after running, I have a cup of tea and I eat 2 thin slice of rye bread with jam.



        Andy G.


          I tend to have problems if I eat alot (or much at all) before a run.  On runs less than an hour I might have a couple of Shot Blok chews with my water (don't know if I need it or not, but it does help convince me that I ate SOMETHING).  Longer runs I might add a banana (and get up a little earlier), and take some nutrition with me if I need it.


          Mostly though, I find if I am running first thing in the morning, I don't need much.  My problem is running later in the morning or day, then i have to manage things a little more.

            I personally feel better when I eat nothing assuming I am going equal to or less than 90 minutes. If you need something, I would suggest 1-2 energy gels or 1/2-1  banana 5-15 minutes before your run with 6-8 oz of water.


            If you eat 30-60 minutes in that window before your run, you risk blood sugar regulation/fluctuation or potentially lower blood sugar which certainly makes me feel sluggish but everyone is different. 20-30 minutes into your run, you would be ok but I don't like that feeling at start of a run.  If you fuel a bit 2-3 hours before your run (to top off your carb stores-which I recommend before longer races or even shorter) or within 10-15 minutes of your run, you should not have that blood sugar issue.

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              Before my run this morning I had half a peanut butter sandwitch in the car. But that was because I was hungry, not any kind of fueling strategy. It didn't appear to hinder or help my run any.


              Anyway, that's another option for portable if you don't want something in bar form or something in a wrapper.

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                If I'm hungry when I wake up, I will eat a banana.  If I'm not, I won't eat anything.


                If I'm going to run long (2+ hours), I will have a English muffin with an egg.


                If I'm going to race, I will have 1-2 Pop Tarts, but several hours before.


                With any of the above, I drink some water, but I really don't know how much. More if I'm thirsty.

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                  I normally eat 2 pop tarts for breakfast runs if I am not drinking sports drinks.  If  I plan to eat something on the run or drink sports drink, I will eat just two pieces of toast, sometimes with a tiny  bit of cinnamon and sugar.   It is not so healthy but I eat a good protein carb meal after my runs. And then usually just pig out the rest of the day LOL   Running on an empty stomach is not for me.  I am too skinny and always hungry!!!

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                    a coffee, whole grain toast with almond butter/raspberry jam, and water before 1 hour runs

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                      Add me to the "only coffee for the poopin" camp.


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                        I am good for around 16 miles in the morning on just two cups of black coffee.  But if I think I need an extra energy boost I will eat one of those Arnold Sandwich Thins (~100 calories) with a some butter and a small amount of peanut butter.  Not too much peanut butter or I tend to burp it later in the run.  If you didn't want the fat, you could substitute some low sugar jam.


                        I mainly don't eat before a run though, it might just be in my head but I always feel sluggish when I eat first.

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                          I've gotten to where I don't need anything, even before 2 1/2 hr slow easy runs...


                          Afterwards, it's lumberjack breakfast time, of course!

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                            I am not an expert. But this is what I do.

                            I run in morning and go empty stomach as well. I don't drink or eat anything before I start running. I don't need anything for an hour long easy runs. When doing a fast workout, I use electrolytes. On long run, I carry water and gels. I drink water when I feel thirsty and take one gel per hour.


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                              Well you don't seem to be getting much help from all these "just coffee" drinkers!


                              I know the feeling of not feeling particularly nourished or energized if I don't eat anything in the morning, and sometimes I won't have eaten a big enough meal the night before to carry over.


                              That being said, you may want to consider eating more at night or popping a couple of chews - I like Clif ShotBloks and PowerBar Gel Blasts. I still can't say I've figured out the magic formula yet, but good luck!

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                                If I eat anything before I run I'm looking for a restroom by mile 2..