Cold weather gear for a Floridian in Canada (Read 1032 times)

    I'm in Toronto.  It's been as good as I've seen over here, I've yet to ditch the shorts this season for lunchtime runs tho I do wear sweats in the mornings.  The wind and precip has a lot to do with what I wear.  0C and calm is way different than 0C and 30 klik winds.  At 0 and windless or light winds, I can go shorts, t with technical sweater.  Add 30 k winds and I -might- keep the shorts but it will be 3 layers up top and maybe a windbreaker as well.  The most I wear is when it hits below -20C with wind, and it will be sweats, nylon shorts (underneath) as a windbreak, undies, and on top it will be a cotton t under (I prefer cotton against my skin than technical shirts, it's just my way), a l/s cotton t on that, a s/s technical t over that, a l/s technical sweater (I have a beaut that feels like furnace) over that and a long windbreak shell.  On my head it's a toque under 0C, and I'll pull the hood of my tech sweater over as well if it's really cold.  Above freezing, just a hat up top.  I have a balaclava if it gets really, really cold but usually the toque is plenty.


    My feet...never have an issue.  Same shoes I wear when it's 90+ out but with long cotton socks if I'm wearing sweats.

     Hey, I only live about 1 hour west of you Smile

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      ...This year the snow is light...



      I think you spoke too soon! It's just been piling up these past two days! Wink 


      Thank you all for your wonderful help!!! 

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