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    I got done with my run on Saturday and went to look at my lap times and there were none! grrrrr. I have it set on auto lap based on distance (1mile) and it's not showing my mile times. What am I doing wrong? I'm here trying to figure out %$&#*Motion Based too and it makes me crazy. Angry and even though I have a hard time pressing the buttons (I know it sounds funny but I reeeeeeeally have to push hard, the 301 was much easier) I somehow hit start again after my run on Sat and my timer went another 40+minutes.
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      Are you using programmed workouts or just hitting start? If I program a 5 mile run with strides at the end, for example - the Garmin wlll record the 5 miles as one split and then each of the strides and rest periods as their own splits as well. However, if I use Quick Workout (a lot of my before this week), or just hit the start button, then the Auto Split feature works just fine. I agree on the buttons being harder to press, but either I'm getting used to them or they are "breaking in" and getting easier to press. I've also gotten into the habit of resetting (hold lap for a couple seconds) between workouts. Not sure how it happened, but I got 2 runs from 3 days apart - "stuck together" i.e. run #1 was 5 laps - the second run ended up being laps 6 - 12 on the same run but on the date of the first run. Messed me up for a little while until I figured out what had happened. Modded to add - good luck with Motion based. I use it occasionally, nothing wrong with it and it supposedly has more features, but I've gotten to where I just use Garmin Training Center - because it's easier and faster to load the data and review the data I'm interested in (IMO).

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        ok. yes, I just hit start and go. From what I can tell, it should just automaticly give me lap times...all of the settings are set for that. It just isn't. Confused welp. I'm going out in a while for a short run and hoping that I did something magical to it and it gives me lap times.
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          I don't have any suggestions for the technical issue that you faced, but I do have a fix. Download SportTracks and upload the workout. Then change the "Summary" screen to "Splits" and set the distance to "Mile." SportTracks will display your mile splits even though the watch doesn't have the laps recorded. As a bonus, its easier and faster than MotionBased, in my opinion.

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            Does it chime each mile? If so, hit stop at end of run then go to history-date-view laps. Should allow you you review each days wo-- good luck! btw-buttons hard to push

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              You can set the 205 and 305 to record a lap every time you go a specified distance or return to a specified location. This feature is called autolap. When you pull your device out of the box for the first time, autolap is turned off. To set autolap, you need to go to menu -> training options -> running -> autolap (I think that is correct, I do not have mine in front of me). Turn autolap on, then specify whether you want it to lap by distance or location. The device will then do the rest. When you say it is not showing your mile times, what do you mean? On motionbased? On your watch?
                ok, it worked today. I'm pretty sure I had auto lap on...I checked after Saturday's run and thought it was on. This garmin is pretty much just like the functions on the 301 so I don't feel completely lost thank goodness! anyway, yes, it worked today. As soon as I get done with a run I go to history-running-byday-and find my run and veiw my laps. It worked today so I must have had the autolap off. whew! I don't like technical problems, LOL.
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                  BTW, thank you all for your help! Big grin
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                    I'm going out in a while for a short run and hoping that I did something magical to it and it gives me lap times.
                    I always find that throwing my Garmin against a wall fixes all technical problems. And gives me faster pace readings too. Glad to hear its working again. The Forerunners can still be a bit finicky and problems like this still happen from time to time. I've had my 305 for over a year, and just last week it deleted an entire run instead of saving it to the History. But, the next day, it worked fine.

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                      Aight you 305 user's. Where's my serial #? The rebate says the eight digit number on the back of the unit. While I've got 2 digits, a letter, and then six digits. Not enough blanks of the form. Do I just leave off the letter or what?