Christmas presents (Read 155 times)

Hollie S.

Merry Christmas!

    So I am not totally finished with christmas shopping yet.


    What can a poor college chick get her parents for christmas? I don't have a clue yet and it is almost too late!


    Any suggestions?

    I wish I was as young as I look in the forum picture! But I'm not. :(


    Space Cadet

      Gift card to a favorite restaurant. That's what I would like.


      Goddess of the Cuisine

        My dad's a reader, so I get him a book if I can think of one he'd enjoy and hasn't already read. Or, I'll get him a CD from a band or singer I feel fits into the genre of music that he enjoys.


        For my mother, I pick out some cute earrings - I found a pair at the National Zoo that weren't too expensive one year. At this time of year, they'll have some pretty good sales. Or I get her coffee she likes.

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          My parents also like restaurant gift cards. They likely know you don't have a lot of money so my parents have always been thankful for even something like $25. My dad also like Canadian beer so I've gotten him a case of his favorite beer (it's not like, Natty Light or anything, haha).

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