Sub 1:30 Half Marathon in 2018 (Read 339 times)

    Flavio still a very good 5k time. Im completely in your shoes and feel impatient. I want to be running what I used too but alot of hardwork has to be done. We now need to string not weeks but months of 80+kms so no injuries ! Then results will come.


    Mark nice sensible recovery week. The Tauranga Half was today and won in 1.15. Not many fast dudes. A lady got 2nd in  1.16. Couple fast ladies in the 10k 35 and 36 mins.


    Oh man did any body see the Commonweath games marathon today ? Callum Hawkins of Scotland had a 2 min lead with 2kms to go but collapsed with heat exhaustion. It was ugly as he kept trying to get up and carry on.

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      Here is the link

      Age 49              Recent PBS 5000m TT 18.18 sept 17 / 10k 38.44 june 16 / half marathon 1.24.00 aug 16



        Piwi - yeah I was watching the Commonwealth Games marathon.  Really felt for Hawkins - he had gone out and built a good lead and unfortunately when the first wobbles started around the 38km mark it seemed inevitable it was going to get worse.  When he finally collapsed he was just totally gone.  The Australian guy that won (and who won gold last time as well) lives there and even he was starting to look pretty rough towards the finish.  Temperatures were in the high 20's so that was always going to take a toll.


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          Flavio: great 5k. How much of it was cycle Wink


            Piwi - Indeed, now that the honey moon has passed, all the parameters have changed.

            When I started running my dream was to run a sub 42 minutes 10k.

            I remember running 10K in 50 minutes and be in awe because it was less than one hour.

            When I broke 45 it was special and when I finally broke 40 it was tremendous.

            Now all the low hanging fruits are gone.

            If I want to PR I have to have military discipline with what I eat, because until my weight hits 81kg I can’t talk about PRs. On the bright side, 81kg is BMI 24 and I don’t have heavy bones or a wide back.

            I know I keep saying this for 4 years now but eventually I’ll hit a long stretch of training where my weight will go down to 78kg. It’s ridiculous to think that I could be that much faster just shedding the unnecessary weight.


            MJ - ha ha. I’m trolling a troll though because no human can run 320km per week on the regular.

            And no human being can run 500km in a week. Also the dude is joining 300 strava groups.

            I’m sure he’s a nice fellow but it’s getting ridiculous. Why do I bother though haha.


              Flavio - I saw you ask that question on the forum.


              Haha it's crazy, even the really big volume guys I know are only hitting 150-160km / week.


              5km: 16:43 (Auckland Corporate Challenge, Nov-17) | 10km: 34:44 (Albany Lakes Summer Series, Race 2, Feb-17)

              HM: 1:16:08 (Waterfront Half Marathon, Apr-18) | FM: 2:57:36 (Auckland Marathon, Oct-17)

              Up next:  Taupo Half Marathon, 4 Aug 2018


                That commonwealth games marathon was heartbreaking to watch.  Take my hurt from a week ago and multiply by 100.  When I saw him wobbling it was obvious he was done.  I managed to get up after 2 minutes but he was going nowhere.  There's a lot of criticism for people who left him alone but I'm sure he was telling them to stay away when he thought he might still get up.


                My week was a quiet recovery week.  Tuesday was an hour on the stationary bike, Thursday a gentle 40 minutes and Saturday a slightly less gentle 70 mins.  Have to take it easy for a while yet, this is my most dangerous time for getting injured, so I'll have another easy week before ramping up the easy miles to build a bigger base.


                Good luck everyone in Boston.

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                  Flavio what I found is no matter how fast I got I always wanted to be faster. I guess thats having a competitive nature. As runners we do obsess about weight and rightly so. I havent weighed myself in maybe 2 years  main reason the scales we had chewed through expensive batteries as often it wouldnt turn off automatically. I can tell Im about 68kgs although I should confirm it !


                  That marathon certainly was hot. Winner was at 2.16 I think and is a 2.10 guy. Callum Hawkins was wearing a hat and sunglasses. Im not a fan personally of wearing those in a race. I find both trap hot air round my head and face. It was amazing to watch in a scary exciting way and this is what makes a marathon special, running out of glycogen in the last few kms.

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                    Wow, the video from the Commonwealth games is just crazy. I guess I need to start working on getting those last ounces of energy out.


                    Piwi - I'll try to put on the OKC game here tonight too see how they're doing. And tomorrow morning I will turn on the Boston Marathon to watch the poor souls runners fight their way through near freezing rain and a constant headwind.


                    Mark - Sounds like we are in a similar boat when it comes to goal races. Mine is 6 months out and I'm also enjoying being able to not stress about it yet and just focus on getting my miles up and getting ready for the actual training program to start.


                    Mick - Hope you get your calf figured out.


                    Three is some great running happening here now, Piwi just running sub-1:30 in a training run like it's nothing, Flavio going low 19 on a 5k! And now lots of you seem to be hitting 50 miles per week as well. I hit my goal for the week, 40 miles of easy pace and hills, a few sets of strides one day. I'm slightly worried that my ankles still are sore a lot, but at least that's all so far, just soreness and no real pain, and once I get going it's all good. I also feel really slow and out of shape now but I figure that will get better soon. I'm not sure if I should take another week at 40 miles next week or if I should add 5 more. Maybe just stay at 40 and see how the ankles feel...


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                    Monday, Apr 09, 2018 thru Sunday, Apr 15, 2018

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                    Day Miles Pace Duration Description HR Egain Link
                    Mon 3.2 10:50 0:34 Slow and warm and muggy with the dog 117 (61%) 125 strava
                    Tue 3.0 9:42 0:29 Morning Run 129 (67%) 97 strava
                    Wed 6.5 8:56 0:58 Morning Run 139 (72%) 358 strava
                    Thu 4.2 9:12 0:38 Morning Run 134 (70%) 86 strava
                    Fri 9.6 8:56 1:25 Afternoon Run 139 (72%) 775 strava
                    Sat 13.6 8:45 1:59 Afternoon Run 140 (73%) 571 strava
                      40.1 9:07 6:05     2012  

                    5k: 20:32 (1/17)  |  HM: 1:34:37 (2/18)  |  FM: 3:31:37 (3:18)


                    Upcoming race: Amsterdam Marathon (10/21/18)

                      Rune 40 miles is good. Ice those ankles. I am doing that with my one bad achilles. Takes about 2kms for me to break the 6 min/km barrier in the mornings  then I start to get going.

                      OKC won after a slow start.  Kiwi Adams only had 2 points by halftime but was hard on defence with Rudy Gobert to mark. Adams got a big slam dunk near the end but hurt his shoulder in the process.

                      That Boston Marathon sure throws up some varying weather. Looks like the middle of the night here when they start so I will watch a replay once one gets put up.

                      I would stay at 40 if you are feeling not so good. I only hit 50 as my fishing day was cancelled 


                      Parkrun has finally come to my town. Its on saturdays at 8am which is good for me. The other 5k weekly event here was on a Tuesday at 6pm over the other side of town and didnt work for me.

                      Age 49              Recent PBS 5000m TT 18.18 sept 17 / 10k 38.44 june 16 / half marathon 1.24.00 aug 16



                        Flavio - Very good 5k. I think the majority of this board (excluding Mark of course) is in the same place: just keep the volume up for weeks on end and eventually the fitness will return.  I feel like we are all disappointed in our numbers but we have to expect that. Consistency matters so much more than big weeks, we need to just worry about average mileage and not what number we put up for any week.


                        Piwi - Sub 1:30 in training? Well done sir. Also, I may have put some (small) money on the Jazz for this series...but you're looking good after yesterday!


                        Rune - Same thing I said for Flavio, just keep up the good work and the times will come down.


                        Boston Marathon - I ran in conditions somewhat like what Boston will be tomorrow but only for 15 minutes, and all I can say is good luck. It was miserable and my neck was frozen from the very cold rain. You can say all you want about getting good gear, but running in driving rains for 3 hours in that temperature is going to lead to hypothermia for a non-trivial amount of the field.


                        Me - I don't know what to make of my week and fitness. After running that 10K last week, I adjusted my VDOT in order to match the race. However, both my 1200 repeats and Mile repeats were done way faster than what the VDOT would suggest, plus I was intentionally trying to slow down on them. I actually found the 1200s to be way too easy. Obviously though my 10K time speaks for itself. So either a) I didnt' race as well as I could b) not enough reps in the workouts or c) I need to increase volume in order to get my legs more tired for the workouts. The other possibility is that I just lack long speed endurance, so intervals are easy but I can't keep it up for a race. Luckily, I should be tackling all these problems soon enough. I'm going to slowly increase my MPW, which will allow me to increase the number of reps I do in each workout PLUS make my legs more tired. Finally, going to try to do 10 miles at MP (probably around 7:05 with current fitness) which should give me a better test of trying these paces at longer distances instead of intervals. Anyway, I should put in a good 190 miles in the 4 weeks between my races, which hopefully will lead to more gains.


                        Day Miles Description
                        Mon 8 Easy
                        Tue -  
                        Wed 8 4x1200 (avg 4:15)
                        Thu 8 4x1T (avg 6:01)
                        Fri -  
                        Sat 9 Easy plus strides
                        Sun 15 Long Run
                        Total 47 Rolling 12 Week Average: 28.6 

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                          James - Glad you're over the sinus infection. I tend to get several of those a year - they're certainly no fun.
                          The cement/concrete should be the harder surface compared to brick.

                          Piwi - I was headed in to work this morning and heard that the Thunder won their latest game!
                          Nice week, too.

                          Mark - Good light week.

                          Flavio - Good mileage as well. You should be able to hit that sub-90 after a 5k like that, especially after putting in some more work.
                          If you're anything like me "fast" will always be defined as "a little bit better than the PR I just ran".

                          Mick - lol. I see what you did there.

                          JMac - Solid week.

                          Botswana - GO DESI!!!

                          Felt really good on my workout this morning. Possibly partially due to it being just a touch below freezing with very little wind. All of the big work toward my goal HM is now done. Seeing "only" ~48-50 miles this week and even less next is a bit strange at this point. I hated doing my key LR on the treadmill, but had no choice. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what I can run the HM in?
                          This year (ignoring the current week) I have 879 miles, avg 58.57 mi/wk. The past 10 weeks (when my plan started) have been 64.4 mi/wk avg. No missing runs, thoug I did have to split some shorter ones into doubles at times. 15k race (flatter than goal race) done in 1:00:35 with gas in the tank. 10k (similar profile overall, slightly flatter than goal race) in 38:56.


                          Monday, Apr 09, 2018 thru Sunday, Apr 15, 2018

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                          Day Miles Pace Description HR Link
                          Mon 8.6 7:45 Just some coyotes howling. Everything else must have slept in. 138 (70%) strava
                          Tue 7.3 7:41 1 crane, 1 owl, and 3 rabbits 140 (71%) strava
                          Tue 3.8 7:42 Sunshiney make-up miles. 144 (73%) strava
                          Wed 11.3 7:15 Daniels' T. 2x 3mi, + 3 deer (1 stride per deer) 151 (77%) strava
                          Thu 4.1 7:48 Woke up way late. Run 1 of 2. 145 (74%) strava
                          Thu 4.1 7:47 Heat acclimation. Run 2 of 2. 139 (71%) strava
                          Fri 8.3 7:46 Treadmill feature: HEAT. Seemed appropriate for the weather. 143 (73%) strava
                          Sat 13.7 6:49 Daniels' 12@ M, with my own fast finish in Watopia. 2% grade all the way. 154 (79%) strava
                            61.2 7:25

                          5k 19:13 9/17  10k 38:56 4/18  Half Marathon 1:28:12 4/17  Marathon 3:17:24 11/16

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                          4/29/18: OKC Memorial HM

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                          10/6/18: Wurst Race HM
                          11/11/18: Gobbler Grind Marathon?


                            Keen - A bit hard to say. Taking into account your latest M paced workout, your 10K race, and you 5x1T you just did, I think you should go for sub 1:25. Not sure if that's what you were thinking.

                            5K: 17:55 (6/17)  |  10K: 37:32 (3/17)  |  HM: 1:20:39 (5/17)  |  FM: 2:54:02 (11/17) 


                            Next Race: McNamee 5K (5/13/18)  


                              Jaimegu in at 3:18:43 in Boston! Great work in horrible conditions.


                              Keen - I agree with JMac, with your 10k time and your mileage sub 1:25 should be within reach for you.

                              5k: 20:32 (1/17)  |  HM: 1:34:37 (2/18)  |  FM: 3:31:37 (3:18)


                              Upcoming race: Amsterdam Marathon (10/21/18)

                                Jaime wow nice job in terrible conditions.


                                Keen I agree with the others 1.25-1.26.


                                Jmac you just need some more weeks with mileage and your longer run races should line up better. Your money may be safe as OKC are inconsistent !


                                Boston sounded horrible, like Taupo eh Mark ? Ladies winner in only 2.39.


                                I hurt my calf today. Felt a little sore on my warmup for a 6km tempo and 4kms into the tempo it gave a pain and i had to walk home.My bad doing too much too soon. I should just be doing base mileage mostly easy till I get strong.

                                Age 49              Recent PBS 5000m TT 18.18 sept 17 / 10k 38.44 june 16 / half marathon 1.24.00 aug 16