User Group Thread Showing Up On Main Board Recent Topics (Read 58 times)

    Hi Eric,


    Strangest thing, one of the threads posted in the Low Heart Rate Training Forum is showing up on the main board on the "Recent Topics" table on the right side of the window. The thread is called "Does MAF training really need to be overly complex and complicated?" It's a user group thread opened up to the entire RA community.


    It's that way even if I'm logged out and use another browser. And non-group members are posting in the thread.


    Is this something new? or a glitch?


    Thought I'd make you aware of it. Thanks for your time.

      Looks like reality is back to normal. I don't see it anymore under Recent Topics.

      If you fixed, thanks. Was it a glitch?

        I manually removed it from the list.  I'm not sure how it got on there.  It is the only topic that is not part of the public forums.  I'll have to look into it when I have more time.