Gauntlet race in May (Read 72 times)

The Turkey Runner

    I just recently sign up for a gauntlet run in May near my home town. My question I am asking here is, what kind of training do you do in preparing for this kind of race?


    i am starting from scratch, has I am coming back from a injury that I suffer from weight training. Any tip that will help me to be able to make it though this race?


    thank a bunch.


      Is this the race you're referring to?   http://www.conquerthegauntlet.com/index.php


      I have no particular training suggestions, other than watch the promo video a bunch of times and see what the participants are doing right or wrong at the obstacles shown, and maybe search for other videos of this event to watch for the same reason. I'm not sure why some of the runners are diving face-first into the mud pits, for example. I'm not sure that would be the fastest way to get through them.

        I did a mud run once, and tackled the mud pits three different ways, striving for maximum mudishness.  You want to get your money's worth, you know.

        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

        The Turkey Runner



          The Link above is the race I am doing in may.  It is a local event for me and it is the First time that this event is being held at this complex.

            I too have done a mud run. They are a blast to run, and as for your question, the prior advice is best. Find exercises that mimic / work the same muscles that you will be working during the run. My biggest mistake was that I SERIOUSLY underestimated the hills on the course I ran. It was on a motorcross course, through thick sand. The entire course was one hill after another, and everywhere that there was a flat section, there was an obstacle. I was exhausted afterwards, but I felt very good, having completed the course. I ran the course for time, and completed 5k in 1 hour and 9 minutes. Tha tmight sound really bad, but for that course, that put me in the top 10%.