Running in Seoul S. Korea : has anyone been there (Read 45 times)

Man in Tights

    I'm off to Seoul and will be there for a whole week. I'm staying in the Gangnam Gu area which is supposed to be the city's hot spot. Anyone been there? How is it to run in Seoul? Any nice routes? Do let me know. It's always exciting to run in a new country.


      I've never been to Seoul but it looks like an awesome place to run! A few things I'd check out - the Banpo Hangang Park along the Han River seems like a popular spot. Maybe also look up the Seoullo 7017 project, looks like an elevated park with great views.


      Would love to hear about your experience running there. Is the Gangnam area pretty convenient for trails/paths?


      I've heard the city is very safe and has great public transport, which would be nice for getting around to different routes. Any other tips for a first time visitor when it comes to navigating or culture stuff?


      Also, if I have some extra time one day, any non-running activities you'd recommend checking out? Thinking it would be cool to experience some local culture too. Thanks in advance for any insight!

      Glute Force

        Been to Seoul / Gangnam Gu and it is the office area with pretty wide sidewalks - however I would head out early enough, otherwise those streets get crowded.


        Around Dosan Park is ok although small, and of course if you head to the Han River, you can run along it and get to know the city.


          Hey Mick, thanks for the tips! Dosan Park and the Han River path both sound like good options then. I'll have to get an early start to avoid crowds on the sidewalks.


          Do you have a recommendation on the best section of the Han River to run? Also, any particular non-running activities you enjoyed checking out in Gangnam when you visited? Always looking for new places to explore in between runs.


          Appreciate you sharing your experience in Seoul. Really looking forward to experiencing the city through running and sightseeing.