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    I notice my shoes wear out quite a bit on the outside heel.  It was always quite gradual, until I wore a pair of new shoes for a walk in NYC.  The walk ended up taking up most of the day, and by the time I arrived back home, the shoes were worn in an incredibly uneven manner.


    Now, I've never had shoes that became this worn this quickly.  I know New York City is notorious for being incredibly hard on shoes, so perhaps I can ascribe it to that.


    I don't run often at all.  For that reason, I was considering investing in a pair of good boots, as I generally like the style, they'll do well during the winter, and, above all else, the sole will be durable.


    I've been reading about supination and pronation, and I'd like to hear any words of advice that could be thrown my way, and then I can go about doing what I can to alleviate that.


    It seems worth noting that I haven't really had any problems to report. My feet and ankles feel fine, no problems at all.  Perhaps it's just my natural walk.  I know people often complain I walk fast, but, again, that's just my natural pace.


    So here's some pictures of the wear on these shoes.  I'm incredibly grateful for any advice.


    Left shoe.


    Right shoe.

    You can see the "Macbeth" is worn off unevenly.




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      No offense intended to your ability to select footwear, but... Smile


      Any shoe that shoes that kind of noticeable wear from a one day walk is garbage.  It would have helped to see a pic of the bottom of the shoe too.  From the ones you posted, it looks like you are somehow landing very far back on the heel...the only way I could see this happening is if you were trying to walk extremely fast?


      It's not unusual to wear a shoe differently in one spot, or one side vs the other.  Nothing says that the "perfect stride" is absolutely symmetrical.  People have different natural strides and footfalls.  The issue is if it causes you problems.  I know a guy...former 1:52 800m runner and ~2:40 marathoner...who must replace his shoes in about 200-300 miles and by then it looks like he carves a thick slice out of the inner forefoot with a knife.  I've never seen anything like it.  I'm sure it costs him some efficiency over longer runs but he's never had any injury issues so why mess with it too much?

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        I do walk fast, but that's just my natural pace.  Again, I've never had any problems with my shins or ankles, and from what I've checked about my walk and foot, there's no flat feet, no high arches, just the result of a particular stride, I suppose.


        I realize today my ankles are hurting, but I think that's just from walking on such a worn-out shoe, so new ones are in my future ASAP.  I'm pretty sure that's the result of worn shoes, but I just wanted to rule anything out.  Seeing that wear, a lot of people remarked that it seems a bit crazy.


        This may just be a bum model.  This brand is Macbeth, and I've never really had problems with them before.  This is the first pair I've had that became this worn this quickly.  The other pairs I've had have lasted at least 6 months to a year. 


        Forgive me, I'm a bit too lazy to go and take another photo of the bottoms, but they're worn in the upper-middle, so I step on the outside heel and "roll" inwards.  Right in the middle.  From what I can tell, that's the essence of a "healthy" gait.  Not too far in, not under-doing it either.


        In any case, thanks for your input.  I'll definitely be a bit more selective.

          All of my shoes wear exactly like that, including every pair of running shoes I've ever owned, though it takes way, way longer than a day to make them look like yours!  FWIW, I've never had any ankle or foot problems ... I just look at the wear pattern and say 'hmmph' and move on.  If you don't have any problems with your feet/ankles/legs/hips then forget about it.  If it ain't broke don't fix it.