Is lean chicken good for running? (Read 322 times)

    Mr Balboa attributes his success to a lean leghorn-chasing regimen:



    My leg won't stop mooing.


    i think i've got a calf injury.

    running metalhead

      It is indeed. The leaner the chicken the better it runs!!!

      When I run I feel like a swallow

      Because you are free like a bird?

      Nope, because of all the flies I eat.


      CT JEFF

        They can fly?    So they just choose not to?


        Yes they fly. Just cant go far.


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          Jess Calloway

            I don't know about running, but at least the lean chickens can get it up, unlike the fat ones:




              These hilarious comments had me laughing for minutes. Actually, I have watched considerably lean chickens run or fly. Or, at least, attempt to fly. I gotta say some of them impressive. Anyway, lean chicken is thumbs up for me. Smile



              And have you ever watched a chicken run?  They are not very fast....even the lean ones.   I think you should eat more Ostrich.

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