Free Heart Rate Monitor App for iPhone (Read 375 times)

    Found this on Reddit. - mypulse


    Seems to work ok  and the price is right.


      Cool app!!  Thanks!  Seems fairly accurate.  I'm sure someone on here will post eventually about how it really isn't accurate and you need to ad 10% more bpm to truly get a sense of what your heart rate is under less-than-ideal circumstances such as high humidity or cloud cover or when the curvature of the earth is slightly off.




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        I tried it and it didn't work very well for me.  Gave me a 100% confidence reading at 80bpm sitting here at my desk (it took almost 2 minutes to get the 100% number) and using the old stopwatch and finger on my pulse method I got 62bpm. 


        The stopwatch utility is free and seems a lot more accurate to me.


        I had tried a similar app a while back and it worked the same with the LED light and was just as inaccurate.


        I deleted it.

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