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Running Chick

    I started incorporating chia seeds into my diet (sprinkle in salads, that sort of thing) as I read they were a superfood for runners in particular.  And it seems it has been a good addition in my diet (but that could be coincidental or in my head)  Wink  Anyone have any experience with chia?.........  love.

      I mix up a version of iskiate with some juice from a plastic lime and a couple shots of liquid Splenda, 2-3 spoons of chia in my water bottle and drink it as an afternoon snack to tide me over till dinner. I'm pretty sure it makes me fasterSmile

        Nooooo!  Don't eat Chia on your food!

        Doing so will cause the price of Chia seeds to go up, and if the price of Chia seeds goes up, then the price for me to purchase my Chia Obama and Chia Britney will get more expensive......



        PS.  Please just stick to Sesame seeds for food.  they taste better, and they cannot be used on a Chia.   (Well, you can, but the chia really looks like @$$ once it is done growing.  Smile

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        Running Chick

          thanks.  i needed to read about chia britney and chia obama after yesterday.  thank you for lightening my spirit a bit.  love.

            Isn't it kind of weird that there is a Chia Homer Simpson?

            Doesn't giving him a Chia Afro kind of take away his essence?

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              I have fallen in love with the chia seeds and have been eating them daily for the past week usually in juice or mixed in with yogurt.

                I've found that a medicine cup of salba/chia seeds chased down with some water can cure hunger pains for quite a while.  Plus, it makes me feel connected with the Tarahumara and their running ability...