Two-week Marathon postponement . . . taper? (Read 640 times)

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    How does one manage the to prepare for a 2-week delay in your marathon?


    I'll be asking my Coach today, but I was wondering if anyone else had ideas.  Went from 70mpw, to 55mpw to like 15 so far this week.  Probably do a long run on Saturday.


    Need a reboot.

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      you decided not to run New York? 


      MTA: nevermind, I saw you were switching to Philly

        It's tough to answer because everyone approaches tapering a bit differently and I would not have managed my taper the way you have to this point.


        But for starters I'd get in a 90-minute run TODAY.

        Runners run.

          You've done a pretty heavy taper.  A lot of it depends on how you feel now.  If it were me, by the end of the weekend I would get in some speedwork, 13-16 miles for a longer run, and an easy run in between.  Next week I would shoot for 50-60 miles and some more speedwork depending on how you handle it.  


          Ideally, your coach should know you best and offer the best advice, but if he tells you to run less than 20 miles this week and 40 miles next week and next you may want to get a second opinion.

          Interval Junkie --Nobby

            Coach and I talked it over.  Wants me to at least hit 40 this week (8+ F,S,Su).  I went out and did 10 just below AHR yesterday (Friday).  We discussed 20mi @ AHR with 3mi @MP for Saturday, or 15mi AHR w/ 10mi @ MP.  There were reasons to go with both.  I told him that LT runs seem to be more of a problem for me.  So I'm out for 15AHR w/ 10mi @MP this morning.  Wednesday I'll do a 1-2-1 (1mi/2mi/1mi with 1k jogs) around 5K pace.


            He wants a bit to think about the week after, so I'll talk to him next week after the 1-2-1.


            I feel I'm in good hands.  He's a great guy.

            2016 Goals: Lose the 10lbs I gained for not having goals

              stadjak - ill be doing Philly, too. Goal of 3:10 - isn't that what you are shooting for? What corral are you? I'm 2-Black...

              sorry NYC didn't work for ya, but happy you've got something else to run!

              Interval Junkie --Nobby

                Yep, I'm in Black as well, and that's my goal.  Shame there's no pace-groups, though.  Check that.  No 3:10 pace group.  Mine is a stretch goal (at least in my mind) so, i wouldn't count on me pacing anyone.  But it could be nice to run with someone.


                Since this race flat, my race-plan is of course, different than NYCM.  I was thinking about this:


                1: 7:40

                2: 7:30

                3: 7:20

                5: 7:15

                6-26.2: 7:10

                Which should put me somewhere around 3:09


                It takes me at least 3 miles to really warm up.


                What did you have in mind?

                2016 Goals: Lose the 10lbs I gained for not having goals

                  Looks like a good plan. I'd be happy to start out with you. Yeah, frustrating about no 3:10 pacers. I emailed them and asked them to reconsider and they said no. So whatever encouragement I can have to get to a 3:10 - I'll take it! My training has gone well except for this past week. Not only did Sandy mess with our area pretty badly, but I also got some kinda bug in my chest and took Mon-Wed off, including my last long run. But I'm trusting my training and will keep moving forward. Lets figure a way to connect at the start.