Distance as X-axis in graphs not working (Read 32 times)


    I use the Handy Runner Android app to track my runs and bike rides.  The graphs for my workouts aren't displaying correctly.  When I use Distance for the X-axis the graph only shows the first 1.0 mile for the run/ride (i.e. the first interval) regardless of length.  We like to graph Speed & Elevation vs Distance to see where/how the hills affect us.  If I put Distance on the Y-axis and Duration on the X-axis, the graph will display the full Distance of the run/ride.  Please help!



      Hi Mark,

      I'm looking into this problem now.  There is some discrepancies in the data points starting at mile 1, which the graphing code rejected as invalid.  This is why you're only seeing the first mile.  GPS data is not reliable so I had to handle various situations.  This will be another that I will have to work around.


      eric Smile