Men's Short Shorts (Lycra, DryFit, wicking, etc.) (Read 644 times)

    Hi, I'm looking for new shorts for the summer. Specifically, I want wicking, compression type shorts, but with shorter inseam than normal. Regularly, they are 7" inseam or more. I'm looking for ones that come about half-way up my thigh as opposed to covering almos all my thigh. Can you recommend a brand / style? Also, can you recommend an online retailer? Thanks!
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      I have the 2 in 1 shorts made by Asics and I love them. The model # is MS0735. They have a built in boxer and they are really comfortable. The inside boxer is nice and snug so I dont need to wear another set of underwear with them. I can run for hours in them with know rubbing issues. The size that I have is medium and they fit perfect, not to long, not to short, just right. I bought them from a local running store but I'm sure if you look you can find and online retailer. Mark

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