This is Why the Fat Boy Ran (Read 676 times)

    I was looking through an old hard drive yesterday and found a picture...this was the picture that started me running and to accomplish over 30 ultramarathons in the past 3 years.


    Run Fat Boy, Run


    I hope it inspires you


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      From that photo to THIRTY ultras.... Awesome Jerry!


      Think the link above may be a bit wonky for some? If so try this one: Run Fat Boy, Run

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      1) Break 1:50 in a HM (PR 1:52:19)
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      Break on through

        fixed link...    http://ultramagicforest.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/run-fat-boy-run.html 



        Good story...   I don't have a picture but a number - 275...  still trying to get down to 175 pounds...

        "Not to touch the Earth, not to see the Sun, nothing left to do but run, run, run..."

          Wow! Truly amazing--congrats to you!


            Smile  Awesome Jerry!



            (your avatar inspires me all of the time!)


            Running is stupid


              Good work man!  I don't like the looks of my gut lately.  I'm starting to run more and I also tried some pilates to tighten up that gut!  Dear Lord my abs are sore now.  I see why that works well for flattening things out.

              an amazing likeness

                Good stuff, Jerry. Pretty dang impressive.


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