Equipment field - one only (Read 1489 times)

    You can do the same with shoes, right?


    With shoes you can do it by feel by yourself.  With running bras ...oh, never mind.


      Several months late to the party here -- but I want to add +1 to multiple gear support.

      Ultimately what I like about the way the equipment tracker is set up is the cost/mile feature.

      This makes it more palatable for DW to see that yes, the equipment is necessary and costs so very little over the long haul! (especially gear like garmins).

      Please do consider this for future releases and upgrades.


      Would you really want to capture and maintain this data rather than estimate ... "I bought the watch two years ago for $150 so it's cost me $1.50 per week." Whether you run 1000 miles or 10,000 miles over the period is immaterial to the value of a watch as it doesn't wear out based on mileage. 


      Shoes wear out and with multiple pairs of shoes there is obvious utility in tracking their mileage as one measure of when it might be time to replace them. But on a watch, reflective vest or running belt?

      The process is the goal.

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        Do orthodics wear out? I don't use them and I thought they were just plastic.

        Part of why I track shoes is durability, but another part is to review equipment use if/when I'm starting to have physical issues (or actually do get injured).  I'd track my use of orthotics or support insoles v. stock insoles, if it were offered.  Not to track mileage or useful life of the insole, but for injury analysis purposes.


        I'll probably just clone a shoe entry to designate it as the one with Superfeet insoles, such as:

        Nike LunarEclipse A

        Nike LunarEclipse A-SF

        Then track them separately and decommission them at the same time.

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          Do orthodics wear out? I don't use them and I thought they were just plastic.

           Yes.  I replaced mine last year.  They were getting thinner and flattening out.  I have no arch, so I wear my orthotics all the time - in every pair of shoes I own.

            Would just like to add to the request of tracking multiple equipment items on a workout.

              Hi RA Developers!


              I'm in the process of switching from RunningFreeOnline to RunningAhead. So far, things are working pretty well. Your site wants to recognize and upload my Garmin 305 workouts MUCH more pleasantly than RFO does. In fact, that's the biggest reason I'm here.


              I would like to add a vote for multiple equipment tracking and here's why:

              I buy custom heat-molded insoles at Road Runner Sports. These last about 1000 miles or so for running, but can be then used in hiking or walking shoes until they begin to fall apart. I am a data/metrics junkie and I want to track the mileage on my shoes AND on these custom insoles. I track mileage on a few other things as well, but the insoles and shoes are the priorities.


              To make the total switch to RA, I'll have to track my insoles separately from the website, which is an inconvenience. I'm hoping that since folks here have been asking for multiple equipment tracking for several years, that new feature might move its way up your new feature list.


              Thanks for reading, and thanks for the site, and for making the uploads from my 305 as painless as they should be. :-)



                Hi, another one vote from me for multiple equipment fields.

                Why ? is an impovement if you want to be the best.