Purdey is a Dad...! (Read 601 times)

    Became a father! Cool. A beautiful little girl - Florence Elizabeth - weighed in at 7lb 2oz - mother and daughter doing well.
      Big grin Big grin Big grin Congratulations!!! Big grin Big grin Big grin

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      Needs more cowbell!

        Oh, yay!!! *throws a box of bubblegum cigars at Tom to pass out* I'm so glad everyone's healthy. In 10 years or so you might have a little running buddy! Big grin k

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            Congratulations!! I love her name.



                Awesome! Congrats! Big grin
                  Heartfelt congratulations Purdey. I never started "proper" running until after my daughter was born in 1983 and now she's a runner too! It's a wonderful time - enjoy it. Here's to some running done at bizarre times as "she has her nap"! Charlie
                    congrat's to you and your wife and to Florence...so did you get her a pair of Nike's or Asics for her step Big grin Big grin Big grin
                      Congrats to the whole family!!!
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                        Many many thanks to all of you. You are right...I have now started running at some slightly odd times.... Smile Looking forward to taking her out for some jogs in years to come! Tom

                        Needs more cowbell!

                          But are you getting any sleep? Man, that first year of my son's life is such a blur...I don't do well at all on major sleep deficit. Tongue k

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                          • Keep doing stuff.

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                            Congratulations...I hope the sleepless nights don't affect your forthcoming marathon too much Wink Good luck, Johnny

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                              Ahhh sleep.... Sleepy Dead Hoping that complete sleep deprivation won't affect the marathon on Sunday.... going to take it easy and aim for a steady 4hrs (but that may not be straightforward as it is off road). At least my little baby will there to cheer me on.
                                Congratulations! Glad everyone is doing well.
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