Length of chest strap for Polar WearLink+ transmitter with Bluetooth (Read 1529 times)

    I would like to buy the Polar WearLink+ with Bluetooth, to use with my android phone.

    It doesn't seem to be available somewhere in my country, so I would have to buy it on line.


    Now I see that for several Polar Wearlink+ transmitters, you can choose for between a chest strap size XS-S or one M-XXL.

    However, the transmitter with bluetooth seems to be only available with a strap size M-XXL.


    So now I have two questions:

    - Is there somebody who has the bluetooth-transmitter, who can tell me if it is possible to use the shorter Polar Wearlink strap for the bluetooth transmitter?

    On the Polar website, this strap is shown as a 'compatible product' for the transmitters without Bluetooth, but for the Bluetooth transmitter only compatible android apps are shown, no compatible Polar products.


    - Or can somebody tell me what is the minimal length of the M-XXL strap?


    I don't want to pay € 70.- for something that wouldn't fit me... 

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      My non-bluetooth Polar M-XXL is 36" limp and can go to as low as 25" approximately without the factor elasticity.


      Hope this helps.

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        One thing you probably don't know is that Nokia is selling the Polar Bluetooth heart belt.


        Go to Nokia website in your country and type LS-14 in the Search area. That is the product code for the HR belt.


        The bluetooth belt that they are selling is not Nokia brand, it is the Polar one that is compatible with Android devices. 

          Thank you both...

          I need something less than 28 inch, so that should be OK...

          And indeed, Nokia.be mentions this heartrate monitor, but it seems not to be sold in Belgium, and I only find one (online)-shop in the Netherlands (I work there), but they are rather expensive compared to endomondo.com.


          But I mailed Polar to ask if the WearLink strap that is sold seperately (and is available in XS-S) can be used for the bluetooth device.  In that case, I can always order the separate strap, in case the original doesn't fit me.

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            That's a shame that they sell it more expensive than Endomondo.


            I live in the UK, so I bought it from Nokia UK online shop, and the total cost including delivery was around 60 euros.


            They used to sell the HR belt  with an armband and bluetooth headset, and that was around 130 euros I think.


            Anyhow,  I bought the belt around 2 weeks ago and I am very happy with it. It is very confortable and is working fine with my Nokia device.


            Lastly, I use an app called Sports-Tracker.com and has nice interface and good analysis for your workout.  Although a Nokia app, they introduced last week an iPhone app and in a  month they gonna have an Android app as well. Just a heads up Smile . That app was my inspiration to start running outside, before that I was staying fit by doing aerobic classes and running on the treadmill.  

              Your're right... The belt is indeed rather cheap when bought directly from nokia.co.uk (it's more than 78 pound at amazon.co.uk!)... but unfortunately don't ship to the continent.

              Nokia Belgium hasn't an online shop, and Nokia Germany doesn't sell these products.


              Thanks for your review of the heart rate monitor. And indead, there are several android apps that work with it, the iPhone app must be very recent, since many websites still say it doesn't work with the Polar wearlink.


              (And like you, those smartphone apps helped me stay motivated to run...)

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                Sorry if I confused you.


                I know iPhone does not support Polar bluetooth belt because Apple has blocked its bluetooth capabilities.  The app that I mentioned still works with the iPhone's GPS to provide distance, map, time, pace, calories etc.


                The Nokia ( and soon the Android version of the app) supports both GPS and the HR belt for the HR data.


                Good luck if you decide to buy it.  Just read carefully the maintenance guidelines of the HR belt when you get it. Polar suggests that you wash the belt after every workout ( after you take the sensor off the belt) and every 5th workout you can put it in the washing machine at 40C. You also let it dry in an open area and not in a bag etc.


                After all, you went into all that trouble finding and buying this expensive bit of kit, so you can keep it for a long time.