Lightweight racer for pronated feet. (Read 356 times)

    I am looking for a very lightweight racing shoe with some stability (less than 7 ounces).  I have raced for years in the Saucony Fastwitch series.  I really liked the 2,3, and 4, but the 5 is an ounce heavier and not as comfortable for me.  Looking for an alternative.  Thanks.

      I have a pair of Brooks st 5, which provide a little bit of support, and they work fine for me. Of course shoes are very much a question of what feels good for you to run in... so they might not suit you.

        I'll second the Brooks ST series - probably worth checking out at least and seeing how they work for you. 

          Hate to say but a shoe under 7 oz cannot take the weight to add any stability. Stability means adding a post or material which costs weight. Best bet is to find a very light weight orthotic to add. I use www.footdynamics.com  running orthotics and they are unique and phenomenal and very very light. I take out the other insole and put these in. I don't think I gain too much weight by adding the custom orthotic.

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            I will 3rd the Brooks st racers although I think they are closer to 8 ounces with the additional support.