What factors do you consider when running a race? (Read 375 times)

    I always presumed that before you could have a road race, you had to get permits to allow using the road in that manner, and police assistance?  This really shouldn't have been a problem.



    No joke..  We had the kids lined up to run, and all of a sudden the cops came and said get them off the road, that the residents were complaining about how much time we were taking on the road...  Undecided


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      I can vouch that the profits are going for the cause in our race, but there are smaller events that even here who hire race directors and the race directors take a HUGE cut.  The one here charges $1200 for RD-ing (not including timing) plus 10% of all charitable contributions.  I benefit from this charity, so I'm not going to take extra cut.



      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


        Just a thought and it might be too late, but what about offering a special promo to boost 10K participation by offering entry to both races. See if the 50 people already registered for the 5K would be interested in paying $5 more to run the 10K as well. Have a special prize for the person with the best time. I know this wasn't your question. I look for family friendly races, that have kids races of various distances. Good luck!


          Place, price, date


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            Long story short, the so-called RD had decided to NOT hold the race b/c he didn't have many people pre-registered.  He also neglected to TELL anyone this--not the folks who had already paid, not the much larger number of folks who showed up race morning to do day-of reg and run.  So far as I know, none of us who pre-reg'd ever got a refund.


            That's not a race director. That's a money-grubbing jerk. I hope you were on the phone that morning to your CC company to reverse the charge and file a dispute.


              Yeah, that's how much a 500-person race will run you.  I would rather just charge $300-400 flat rate for the entire thing.  It's really *not that much* work to race direct a small charity run.

              (I added bold to highlight what struck me)







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                Around here, they won't close roads for a 5K/10K.  It just doesn't happen.  We do have permits and police assistance, but residents rule here.

                I always presumed that before you could have a road race, you had to get permits to allow using the road in that manner, and police assistance?  This really shouldn't have been a problem.






                Half: 1:48 (March 3rd, 2013)

                Full: 4:05:40 (March 17th, 2013)


                2013/2014 Goals:

                Sub-4:00 hour Marathon

                Sub- 125 pounds
                Sub- 1:45 hour half.


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                  For what its worth, I'l throw my two cents in:


                  Location - I have 2-4 states that I can drive to with the family and not feel like I'm hoarding them.

                  Price - I hate paying a lot for a 5K. Sorry but I can run longer runs for next to nothing at my own lesiure. 10Ks,  and HMs I am willing to pay slightly more for.

                  Course - I have a few regular races I run but I like to change courses to help freshen things up. I don't care it is qualifying or a certified race. Maybe when I run faster this will change.

                  Medals - Yes I want them. For 5Ks its unusual to have them though

                  Shirts - Could be hit or miss for me on this.

                  Goodie Bags - Don't care for them

                  Sponsors - I'm more likely to join a race if most, if not all, of the sponsors are local parties.


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                    Step 1: I feel like racing

                    Step 2: I decide when I want to race, and what distance

                    Step 3: I look for races that fit those parameters in my area

                    Step 4: If I have choices and want to PR, I will choose the one with a USATF certified course and flat profile


                    Anything extra is a "nice to have", but not essential. This assumes the race is put on by a competent organizer who can at least execute the basics of a good event. Since I work in the race industry, myself (I am a race timer), I may know the race organizers and will steer clear of any that have questionable reputations.


                    To answer your question, yes, I would run your 10k if I wanted to race that distance on that day. Beer, pasta feed, tech shirts, and certified course are all nice.

                    Right on Hereford...

                      We are able to do the timing relatively cheaply, because we live by a military base, and most of us are military, and they provide the clock.  I have the timing software, which was about $15.00.


                      I take that back, I would not sign up for a race if I knew it wasn't going to be professionally timed.


                      Have you done this before? Do you know what you're getting into? Timing a 500 person 5k/10k event is not to be taken lightly. Feel free to PM me for advice if you don't feel 100% confident you can do it.


                        Are the 5k and 10k run at the same time?  If so, and I was doing the 10k, I'd be concerned about running into the 5k walkers and slower runners the last mile.  I did a 10k where the course joined with the 5k course the last half mile.  It was a major PITA weaving through traffic to the finish.  I won't do another race like that again.


                          My factors:



                          2.Length of race

                          3.Distance from home

                          4.Time of day

                          5.Time of year

                          6.Proximity (time-wise) to one of my "big" races


                            I have run 5 Km and 10 Km races which were pretty low-key.

                            A big digital clock at the start/finish, only the top male & female runners got a prize, the rest of us had to watch the clock at the end to know our finishing time. The course was not certified, or closed to traffic, so much of it is on a sidewalk.

                            But the races were for the hospital,  and run by volunteers, and there's homemade treats and door prizes at the end.

                            Race fees were $25-$35. Option of paying more for a cotton tee.


                            I go most years if the day is convenient.

                            More fun than doing a workout by myself.

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                              I'm race directing a 5K/10K run for a non-profit.  There are three races in the area.  Two of them are non-profit, the other one is the Grand Prix for the track club.  My race is for autism.  It's the most expensive, BUT...


                              1.  It's the only 10K

                              2.  We have a pre-race pasta party at Olive Garden

                              3.  We are giving away tech shirts

                              4.  If you form a team, you get a discount on your race entry

                              5.  The post-race party includes free food and beer (the other two races do not)

                              6.  The course is on USATF certified course


                              It's in 7 weeks, I have 3 people signed up, I'm nervous.  Would you run it?

                              (Updated: 2 weeks out and 60 people total signed up for it)....


                              --- USATF certified, Free Beer, those are good things.  Only 10K option is a great thing as well.


                              --- My suggestion is that you should not have dropped the price!  But perhaps more folks show up.  Personally I would pay up to 40 for a race no problem, but I do notice alot of folks are okay with 25, but not 35 or 40.


                              I bet a whole bunch of folks will show up to register the morning of the race and you'll be able to relax more once that happens + there ends up being a great turnout.  :-)  Alot of folks wait on the weather forecast + come out race day if the weather is good.

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                                1)  Free Good Beer

                                2)  Free Beer



                                Depends on the type of race and my current mental place.  Sometimes ~ Proximity and value.  Other times fast course and value.  and Others cool course and value.  and finally fun and value.  I do appreciate a course that has enough aide for marathons (h20 stops)


                                Things I do not care about ~

                                Expo (Size, stuff, speakers)

                                T-shirts or goody bags

                                medals or other finish line swag



                                Large crowds


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