Taken out by a car, lessons learned (Read 1670 times)

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    Tuesday I got an ambulance ride to Mass General immobilized on a backboard courtesy of an unfit driver who is 88.5 years old. He ran a stop sign and presented his car to me as I was traveling over 25 mph. I hit it, flew over it, through the air 30+ feet before landing on my shoulders and head. My bike then landed on me. He very well could have hit me while running, driving, etc... Somehow I survived without life threatening injuries but I'm still waiting for the whole body pain to subside and see what works, what doesn't, and what lingers.


    I didn't do anything wrong besides being in the wrong place at the wrong time but want to share three lessons in this:


    1. It seems that everyone I talk to knows (or knew of) a loved one who drove longer then they should have so please take a hard and honest look at the elderly drivers in your life. Do what is necessary to make sure they are safe for themselves and everyone else. If they shouldn't be behind the wheel support them with any life changes necessary so they can stop driving and still lead an active life. In the future there will only be more and more elderly drivers so we'll as a society need to make adjustments. Let's start that now.


    2. Helmets work. I'm living and surviving proof. My head hit the ground violently. My helmet shattered doing the job it was designed to do. Don't let your kids ride without them and always set a good example by wearing one yourself. What more can I say? It's that simple.


    3. Hug your family. Hug your kids.


    Here's my bike. It's totaled.


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      Holy cow!


      Good message, xhristopher.  Glad to hear you are seemingly okay.  That sounds awful, I'm sorry you are having to go through that.

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        Oh man, Chris, sorry to hear that. I'm glad to hear you're okay. Hopefully nothing surfaces as a long-term injury from this.

        Your lessons learned are good reminders. Thanks.


          Wow! I couldn't agree more with the points you made.


          Glad you are doing reasonably ok!

          Princess Cancer Pants

            As I've said before, I am really thankful you're here to tell this story with a mostly happy ending.


            My grandpa definitely drove beyond when he should have and it's only by sheer luck that he didn't take himself or someone else out.  There was no telling him he was unfit to drive, though.  In hindsight my folks should have gotten his doctor involved.  I wonder if HIPPA laws even allow for that, now?

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              Glad you seem to be OK, I have seen my share of elderly drivers who have no business being on the road around nursing home central that is my home town.  


              also I see you have your priorities right, pic of the bike, no pic of you.

                wow. glad you are ok.


                And how the hell did the water bottle stay in the holder?

                  So sorry to hear about your accident - that's really scary!  Hope you're back up and going in a short time.

                  Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                    Glad to hear you're ok, X!


                    Great advice too!!

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                        Sorry about the accident, but glad to hear you're doing OK. The frame on your bike definitely doesn't look good.

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                          Glad you are ok! Whew! Anything broke?


                          I met with a patient last week that was hit head on while riding her bike. A young kid (they think) cut a blind curve a bit sharp. He left the scene. She suffered severe fractures to both wrists because bumper hit her square on both wrists. She flew over hood and landed on her face/head breaking many bones in face and face road rash. She had some brain bleeding that stopped within 24 hrs and is ok. She never wears her helmet and that day her husband reminded her and she grabbed it. I second everything you said. Rest up and get back at it. Hope you recover quickly.

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                            Thanks all. I am serious bout that other stuff too. 


                            And how the hell did the water bottle stay in the holder?


                            I had lots of help, including a nurse, within a minute. I think someone put it back for me. 


                            also I see you have your priorities right, pic of the bike, no pic of you.


                            I took some shots of myself in the ambulance. I was wearing my bright green Boston jersey. Yeah, running attire on the bike. That's how I roll.

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                              That is scary, glad you are ok. or going to be okay.

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                                I'm real sorry to hear that, X, that sounds scary as hell, I'm glad you are (hopefully) OK. 


                                That's 2 of 3 out now.  Looks like you need to stick to the pool now, man.  Wink