40 Historical Chicago Marathon Moments (Read 52 times)

    You might enjoy this random collection of facts about the Chicago Marathon since 1977. "Promoters were criticized for the high entry fee ($10)".



    Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

      That's neat, Led. I forgot about Khalid Khannouchi. I remember reading about him a lot in Runner's World in the late '90s. When I moved to back to Chicago from living in Colorado in 1997, I don't know if it was that year or the next, I remember seeing him out for a jog near where I was going to school at the time. I thought that was so cool and I was so excited. It must have been around marathon weekend sometime. Good memories.


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        Marguerite Buist, who finished ninth, said. "The marathon is a race for suckers."


        I think this one was my favorite.   Thanks for sharing LedLincoln!


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            I'm surprised they didn't mention Wanjiru's battle with Kebede in 2010 - that was one of the most exciting races I can recall.

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              Steve Jones winning and breaking the WR in his debut marathon in 1984 with no watch on tops the lot!


              I loved his fearless racing style and simplified attitude to running with focus more on effort rather than numbers.

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